8-Ball Scotch Doubles Weekly League Play 

  • 8-Ball Scotch Doubles Divisions - Vegas Qualifier

    Teams can be any combination of male/female players
    Max combined skill level of 10 (once session begins skill level may increase but to no greater than 12 without replacing a player to return the level to 10 or below.)
    All players must be on an active 8-ball open team to participate.
    Max of three players per team (starting combination of any pairing must be 10 or below to start the session)
    Players MUST have at least 20 lifetime matches in the selected format prior to starting.
    Alternate shot. Shot order must remain same for entire match. Once second match begins, order of play may be changed.
    One timeout per team, per rack. Doubles fees will be $25 per team / per night of play
    2 doubles matches will be played on each scheduled night of play
    Each player must play at least SIX times with team to qualify for playoffs.
    For playoffs and beyond, two players only must be selected to participate and cannot be changed for duration of upper level events.
    Match races determined by games must win chart.
    Players may only participate on one team in the selected format
    No subs allowed.
    Roster changes allowed only through week 4.
    Three point scoring format will be utilized.
    Playoffs will be determined based on the number of teams playing in each division. Higher level tournament format will be decided based on number of teams playing league wide.


    Wednesday night - Westbank 
    * other nights upon request


    Nola Apa-Friends's photo.
  • 8-Ball Scotch Doubles for NOLA APA is held on Monday nights on the Eastbank and in the Mandeville/Covington/Folsom areas and on Wednesday nights on the Westbank. For more information on how to get involved contact us at 504-525-1007