NOLA APA at the World Pool Championships

The teams listed below represented NOLA APA at the APA National Team Championships held annually in August at the Westgate and the Riviera Hotel and Casino (prior to 2015) in Las Vegas, Nevada.
Our Top Finishers:
In 2001 the Hustlers, led by captain Otelia Handy, claimed the Ladies National Team Championship!
In 2016 team Make It Work, captained by Donnie Schmidt, finished second nationally in 8-ball open! 
In 2006,  team Let Me At Em, captained by Tommy Bruce finished second in the nation in the 8-ball Open National Team Championships!
 In 2009 the Mixed Bunch finished second nationally in the APA National 9-ball team championship!
In 2008 and 2009, the Cue Tips led by Jeremy Hempel finished third nationally in 9-ball Open!
 In 2012 the Eliminators finished third nationally in 8-ball open!
 In 2012 at the NSC, Kim Nguyen and Jason Fortun claimed the Jack and Jill scotch doubles 8-ball National Championship!



8-Ball Ladies
Here Comes the Girls - T3
Pink Ladies - T33
Action 24/7 - T257
NOLA 9 Ball Ninjas - T33
In tha Buff - T17
Strokers - T 65
Make It Work - 2
Hard Hitters - T129
Soul Crushers - T129
Sharp Shooters - T 257
Double Shot - T257
Dudley Debosier - T385
Fear the Deer - T513
Drawing a Blank - T17
Jack and Jill Doubles
Family Affair - T65 
8-Ball Ladies
Angel's Gone Bad - T17
9-Ball Open
You Think It's a Game - T9
Balls in Hand - T193
Breakin' Out - T257
8-Ball Open
Eliminators - T3
Shut Your Pie Hole - T17
8 and Out - T33
Gun Show - T65
KOSA 2 - T129
Rou'Xian Bing - T385
8 Guns Blazing - T513
Jumping Ship - T97
Big Easy - T129
8-Ball Doubles
One Time - T65
Shake-N-Bake - T193
Next Week's Champs - T193
9-Ball Doubles
Cheerios - T5
Plan B - T97 
Jack and Jill Doubles
Beastmode - Kim Nguyen/Jason Fortun - National Champions! 


8-Ball Ladies
Hustlers - Suburban Club - T5

We Play for Keeps - Honey's - T65
Rocket Balls - Corner Pocket - T33
Showtime - Buca Billiards - T129

Gettin it 2gether - Camelot -  T513
8-Ball Express - Veer Off - T257
Tons of Fun - Gerry's Place - T257
The Jokers - McGuire's - T513
Showtime - Buca Billiards - T65
Blues Shooters - Cue and Cushion - T33
Who's Who - Dolly's - T257
Sick Pups - Buca Billiards - T513

Triple Masters
Mispent Youth - Buca Billiards - T33
On the Spot - Corner Pocket - T17


Wheelchair Division
Joshua Brunies - T17

8-ball Doubles
"Second Choice" (Monte Joe Davidson, Ray Robichaux) - T33

"Left him Straight in" (Bruce Gomez, Mike Podgurski) - T65

9-Ball Doubles
Easy Does It (Donna Melanson and April Kent) - T5


8-Ball Ladies
Hustlers - Suburban Club - T3 (national semifinalist)

Cue Tips - Buffalo's - T3 (national semifinalist)
Mixed Bunch - Big Easy - 2 (national runners up)
4T Something - Buffalo's - T33

Now You Know - June's Pit Stop - T257
N. Carrollton Ninjas - Parkview Tavern - T513
Yank's Hot Boys - Yank's - T33
Starting Over - Stevie Ray's Tips - T129
Mixed Bunch - Big Easy - T257
Wizards - Jack's Place - T513
Cardiac Kids - Big Easy - T129
Elite 8 - Suburban Club - T257

Triple Masters
Wait for It - Buffalo's - T65
Playmakers - Rum Runners - T97

8-ball Doubles
Rock & Swoll (Troy Rock and Frank Picard) - T65

9-Ball Doubles
Phat Boyz (Edgar Vallery and Eric Priest) - T97
Last Chance (Bobby Schloegel and April Kent) - T3 (national semifinalist)


Ladies Divison
New Orleans Ladies, Stevie Ray's Tips

9-Ball Open
9-Ball Express, Honey's
Laid Back, Bob's Lucky Penny
Cue Tips, Buffalo's

8-Ball Open
Mid Life Crisis, Daiquiri's & Creams
CBI Bandits, Canal Bank Inn
Road to the Ranch, Causeway Grill
The Meat Pies, Daiquiri's & Creams
More Psychotics, Daiquiri's & Creams
Disturbed & Confused, Gerry's Place
N. Carrollton Ninjas, Parkview Tavern
In It to Win It, DBD Lounge

Triple Masters
Whatcha Wanna Play 4?, Buffalo's

9-Ball Doubles
Fire and Ice (Tammy Brathbury/Stacy Gisclair), National Champions

Other top finishes through the years...


Ladies 8-Ball

Sherry's Diva's, 2nd 
Hustlers, 3rd
Hustlers, 1st
8-Ball Angels, 3rd
Perino's Hustlers, 3rd
Looney Tunes, 2nd
Hustlers, 3rd
Hit List, 3rd
Shark Shooters, 3rd
Hit List, 5th

8-Ball Open

Eliminators, 3rd
My Chihuahua's, 5th
Wild Bunch, 2nd
Black & Decker, 2nd
Good Timers, 3rd

9-Ball Open

9-Ball Express, 5th
Shark Attack, 5th
Shark Attack, 5th
9-Ball Express, 2nd